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March 03, 2003

Religion in the American Public Square: An Islamic Perspective; Statement by the Muslim American Society

This document presents arguments about religion and the American constitution. Through the legalistic entanglements of the piece--it simplifies Christianity as though it were one big religion--it can be summed up thusly
[...]"The contribution of religion to law, ethics, and social stability cannot be ignored, and is an asset for any society. Government can allow religion's positive effects to be maximized by ceasing to interfere with its free expression, and joining hands with religious people in appropriate ways to help tackle some of society's worst problems.

"Muslims should join the call for an interpretation of the Constitution that accommodates religion, rather than stifles it,
and support initiatives that would tend to promote religiosity in public life."

I can not speak for others but I grew up as a Jew happy that there was no intrusion of government upon my religious beliefs. The private sector had sufficient anti-semitism and quotas at that time, and I was happy to have the government do all it could to prevent this sort of thing from taking place rather than stepping in to control religious matters. When I look about at those countries that have allowed religion to control the state, I can see where this sort of thing can lead to. And I don't want it in america.