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March 11, 2003

Pious Nonsense

The unholy "Christian" case against war.

Christopher Hitchens on the attack
An awful realization has been dawning upon the Bush White House. Christianity is a religion of peace. From every pulpit, an appalling ecumenicism is preached, which calls for "more time" at best and for a "hands-off Saddam" line at worst. The papal envoy to Iraq, Cardinal Etchegaray, has told us that Saddam Hussein "is doing everything to avoid war." With the addition only of a qualifying "this" as its penultimate word, that statement would actually have the merit of being true. I think we can all agree that Saddam likes the status quo to be undisturbed by any violence that is not his own.

One wonders what it would take for the Vatican to condemn Saddam's regime. [...]

In one way, the church's "peace at any price" policy is a historical improvement. [...]

You could see this paradox demonstrated last Sabbath morn on the New York Times op-ed page, by Jimmy Carter: peanut czar, home-builder, Nobel laureate, and Baptist big mouth. Reviewing "just-war" precepts, our former president considered the obligation of weaponry to discriminate between combatants and noncombatants. [...] More
Read it. Enjoy. Neither the Church nor Carter is left standing. They still haven't gotten up.