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March 12, 2003

Pat Buchanan and Mickey Kaus, Anti- Semites.

Certain of Bush’s supporters and advisors are Jewish. They and more senior non Jewish advisors of Bush support attacking Iraq and other related policies. These people are generally supportive of Israel. These people support attacking Iraq because they view it as beneficial to America.

Some of these people have expressed the view that this policy will also help Israel.

Buchanan (and Kaus) and others do not like this prospect of war. They do not think that it would be good for America (probably for different reasons though). They though do believe that that this policy would help Israel.

These critics should just say that Bush’s advisors are misguided and that this policy of attacking Iraq is in fact bad for the United States. Some critics do say this.

Some critics though, anti-Semitic critics like Kaus, Hoffman and Buchanan, make a long leap to the dark side. For what ever reasons and probably for varying reasons these people can not just leave it to these advisors being incorrect or holding incorrect views. The anti-Semitic critics seem to think that the Jewish advisors can not be so dumb as to really support regime change in Iraq. The Jewish advisors must know that the war is in fact bad for the United States but are supporting the war anyway because it is good for Israel.

This is the old canard, and one hard to duck, of anti-Semitism.

Read Buchanan’s article, “Whose War?” which quotes liberally from Kaus and the question is answered. It is the Jews’ War.