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March 26, 2003

Palestinians Whoop It Up

Best of the Web Today links to Jerusalem Post for this piece
There were many smiling faces in Ramallah on Monday as Palestinians celebrated the capture of American and British soldiers by the Iraqi army," the Jerusalem Post reports. The pathetic Palestinians take pleasure in the plight of individual Americans and seem oblivious to America's overwhelming strategic strength:

"This is a big day for the Iraqi people and all the Arabs and Muslims," said a policeman at Yasser Arafat's battered headquarters.

"Everyone here was happy to see pictures of American soldiers in Iraqi custody. This is a big blow for [George W.] Bush and [Tony] Blair. I don't believe they will be able to continue with the war now that many of their soldiers are being killed or taken prisoner."

A member of Yasser Arafat's presidential guard adds: "Saddam has once again proven that he is a great leader, a defender of Arab rights. His men are brave. They have been able to teach the American and British dogs an unforgettable lesson. The Iraqis are much better at war because they have more experience. The American and British soldiers are cowards and spoiled kids."

Arafat won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

Of course these Palestinians are in the throes of delusion. America will not give up the fight merely because Saddam Hussein's forces, using criminal tactics, have killed or captured a few of our men. And yet the Iraqi regime seems to be counting on just such a lack of resolve. The New York Times describes a prerecorded Saddam Hussein speech that aired yesterday on Iraqi television:

"Today we are standing in a position that would please a friend and anger an enemy and all the infidels," he said. "But we are going to be victorious and we are causing them to suffer.