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March 26, 2003

Palestinians Shoot Blanks, part 2
The New York Times SUCKS, part 2,179

The nyt reports in a story entitle ''Israeli Troops Kill 3 Gunmen and 2 Children in the West Bank":
In Bethlehem, the plainclothes Israeli forces had just arrived to search for militants from the Hamas movement when they came under fire and shot back, a military source said.

Three gunmen in the car were killed, the source said. But soldiers also hit four family members in a second car that drove into the middle of the shootout.

A 10-year-old girl was killed, while her parents and a teenage sister were wounded, Palestinian witnesses said. The girl's father was in serious condition with a neck wound, while her mother and sister were slightly wounded, according to Hadassah Hospital in nearby Jerusalem.

So lets go over this. The Arabs start shooting at the Israelis. The Israelis shot back. A car drove into the middle of the shoot out. Four people in the car were hit by bullets from the shootout. They were only hit by Jew bullets. The witnesses, possessing bionic eyesite and no animosity to Israel, were able to definitively determine that it was Jew bullets that hit their people.

Notice that in nyt reports, whenever there is collateral injuries during a shootout it is always attributed to the Israelis. Why is this? Because Palestinians shoot blanks.