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March 18, 2003

Palestinians shoot blanks

I find it interesting and a symptom of the media's bias against Israel that the Palestinains are always reported as shooting blanks.

For example, in the Gaza raids yesterday ten people were killed including some civilians. The articles in the New Distort Times reports that there was heavy fire coming from the Pals. In raid last week in which it was falsely claimed that eight civilians were killed by an Israeli tank shell, reference was made to hundreds of Pal gunman. The fighting takes place in close urban quarters.

So why are all the casualties chalked up to Israel? How come the Pals do not seem to be able to kill someone with a stray shot. Only the better trained Jews who generally do not fire on automatic can kill civilians. Most people on both sides of the conflict use the same gun, the M16, and shoot the same bullet, the .223. Somehow though, the Pal doctors and hospitals always seem to be able to tell that the bullets that kill come from the Jews.