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March 04, 2003

Palestinians Rebuff Mubarak-Sharon Meeting

Too good not to read! This article posted at notes that Hamas--that blood-dripping batch of killers--says that Mubarak ought not meet with Sharon because Sharon is a terrorist!! As for not meeting, this a sure way to bring about a Palestinian state. When will these dunderheads get their heads out of the sand, swallow the olives, and begin to get sensible?
GAZA CITY - A number of prominent Palestinian figures called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak not to meet with hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, following news on an expected meeting between them next week.

Speaking to IslamOnline Thursday, February 27, Abd al-Sattar Qasem, a professor of political sciences at Al-Nagah University in Nablus, said the meeting violates the resolutions taken by previous Arab summits and only suits fine the normalization between both countries at the time Israeli tanks are wreaking havoc on Palestinians.

Although Mubarak has not met Sharon since he assumed power in Israel, he frequently dispatched his envoys to meet with Sharon and hold talks with a number of Palestinian officials, Qasem recalled.

He said most Arab leaders are keen on easing tensions, since they are fully aware that any aggravation of the situation in Iraq and Palestine would definitely destabilize the entire region, particularly Egypt.

The meeting between Mubarak and Sharon will end up with a press conference where they are going to say that there are some differences on a number of issues.

But this, in effect, does not reflect the essence of talks since there is no big difference between their perspectives given that they are on board vis-Ã -vis the general principles and only differ on details, Qasem said.

Nafiz Azzam, a leading figure of the Islamic Jihad, said the meeting will not result in any crucial outcome on the tragedy suffered by the Palestinians.

Arab leaders would better support the Palestinians and sever all political and economic relations with the Israelis, who occupy our land, kill our children and women and do not abide by international legitimacy, he stressed.

Azzam said Israel wants to exploit its good relations with some Arab countries to beautify its already tattered image in the eyes of the world and paper over its incessant aggressions on the Palestinian people, who do not pin much hope on such meetings, which always prove futile.[more]