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March 27, 2003

An Open Letter to Robin Cook

"On March 17 you made the decision to resign from Tony BlairĀ“s government. Your statement on this occasion in the House of Commons was used as a platform to misinform the House and the British public. You stated that you "have heard" that "Iraq has not had months but 12 years in which to complete [compliance with UN resolutions]... Yet it is over 30 years since resolution 242 called on Israel to withdraw from the "occupied territories." This analogy between Iraq and Israel is not only wrong, it is a premeditated attempt to mislead on your part."

Read this entire "open letter" by Yoram Halberstam . It reviews the main reasons for which the notorious "road map"should be understood as yet another immoral attempt to appease those forces which must instead be decisively faught.