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March 05, 2003

Open letter to President Bush

There is only one war on terror

VIPAC ( ) drafted this letter.

Dear Mr. President:

Unfortunately today, March 5, Arab terrorists destroyed bus number 37 in Haifa, killing at least fourteen innocents and seriously wounding dozens more. This was in stark contrast to the entire month of February, during which no Israelis were killed by PLO suicide bombers. That was not because the PLO terrorists had stop trying, as today's events in Haifa demonstrate so tragically. Rather, it was because the Israelis, with the good Lord's help, succeeded throughout February in intercepting dozens Islamic terrorists, due to their more aggressive - - but apparently still too restrained - - offensive in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria.

These Israeli efforts that had effectively put a stop to Islamic terror for the entire month of February deserved your administration's public support. Instead, unfortunately, your spokesmen refrained from congratulating Israel on its successes in the war against Islamic terror. Even worse, they criticized Israel for fighting PLO terror too vigorously. Their words inhibited the Israeli offensive and encouraged the PLO terrorists. Today's mass murder bus bombing in Haifa is the tragic result.

On Tuesday, March 4, your spokesman Ari Fleisher said: "It's important for Israel to act in a way that is reflective of the needs and the legitimate aspirations of the innocent. We have concerns about actions that go beyond and that bring harm to the innocent, including innocent Palestinians." The day before Fleisher made those foolish statements, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher spouted the same pacifist-defeatist line: "We continue to be seriously concerned about civilian casualties and we've urged the Israeli government to take all appropriate precautions to prevent the death or injury of innocent civilians and damage to civilian and humanitarian infrastructure." After two consecutive days of such statements from your spokesmen, there was today's mass murder of Israelis in Haifa. Your administration may try to console itself with the thought that this is mere coincidence. But I believe you should at least consider the possibility that it was not just coincidence, because then the implications could be serious not only for Israeli security, but for American security as well.

There is a military solution for the danger of Islamic terror. It is called victory. To allow your spokesmen to criticize Israel for its fight for survival against the Islamic terrorists next door - - while you send 300,000 American soldiers halfway around the world to fight Islamic terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan - - is worse than hypocritical. It endangers the vital cause of victory against the Islamic terror that threatens us all.

If you truly hope to succeed in defending America from another 9/11 attack, your administration should publicly praise - - rather than publicly criticize - - our ally Israel as it makes that same fight. Victory in the war against Islamic terror is indivisible, and every argument your administration makes against Israel's road to victory can and will be used against America in its own fight for freedom from Islamic terror. Selling out Israel will not purchase the good will of fickle Europeans or of despotic Arab regimes. It will only serve to undermine America's own fight for survival against Islamic terror.