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March 10, 2003

No news for Jews

James Taranto posts this piece about how Kuwait does not want journalists to share any war news with Israel
Remember when Pat Buchanan claimed no one but "Israel's amen corner" wanted to liberate Iraq? His logic was hard to understand given that Kuwait is as anti-Semitic as any other Arab country. "Authorities in Kuwait, hub of the U.S. and British military build-up for a possible war against Iraq, warned foreign media on Saturday against passing reports to Israeli news organizations," Reuters reports from Kuwait City. Reuters quotes the statement: "Please note that current law of the State of Kuwait prevents any kind of cooperation and interaction with Israel. The Ministry of Information notifies against feeding Israeli news and broadcasting organizations with reports for broadcast from the State of Kuwait."

Even Reuters, the official news agency of the anti-Israel amen corner, is not complying with the Kuwaiti directive. Its dispatch appears on the Web site of the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz. Meanwhile, we can't seem to find any complaints about the Kuwaiti policy in the Web sites of the International Federation of Journalists or Reporters Sans Frontières.

Over at the Arab News, one Khalid M. Batarafi reports on a recent trip to Washington: "Most American intellectuals including Martin Sieff, managing editor of United Press International (UPI) for foreign affairs, told me that the current administration was carrying out the agenda of extremist Crusaders and Zionists." Did Sieff really say that?