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March 02, 2003

No better friend than Canada's National Post

The National Post is one of the leading papers in the world in its support for Israel and the US. It easily compares with the WSJ or the Washington Times. It is published in Toronto and is owned by Global Can West which is controlled by Izzy Asper. You can compare its journalists and writers with any paper to the south. They include Mark Steyn, David Frum, Robert Fulford, Diane Francis, Christie Banchford and George Jonas to name just a few. It is my pleasure to give them a plug.

On March 1, in its leading editorial Remaking the Arab World, it fully supports Bush's plans for the ME as laid out in his speech to the American Enterprise Institute. Here are two excerpts.
[...] We hope the world pays heed to Mr. Bush's message. While disarming Iraq, ending the country's sponsorship of terrorism and liberating Saddam Hussein's subjects are all war-worthy goals, the greatest dividend to be hoped for in the long run is the transformation of the Arab Middle East.

[...] Through its sustained presence in Iraq, the United States will have a rare opportunity to transform the Arab Middle East.