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March 12, 2003

Nelson writes:
Hello Alisa.
I have an idea that could help clarify a bit the discussion about why more Palestinians have died in this Intifada than Israelis.
It is the following:
To classify the dead according to their origin is wrong, because Israelis have not been killing Israelis, but Palestinians have been killing each other.
Thus, the results should be presented as the total numbers of those killed by the Israelis compared to all those killed by the Palestinians. This last number would include not only those who have been lynched as suspected collaborators of Israel, but also those who died in "work accidents" and the suicide bombers themselves, because what they all have in common is that they were killed by Palestinians (in the case of the suicide bombers, by Palestinian suicide bombers).
I know it may seem somewhat repellent to lump together suicide bombers and their victims, but they were not killed by Israel and it is the Palestinians who are responsible even for their death.
If we classify the data this way, I think we'll obtain more realistic numbers that would help subvert Palestinian victimology.
I have to agree that this would be a much more correct approach. After all, it is a blame game, and blame should focus on the killers, not the killed.