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March 12, 2003

Moran: A Weak Response

Meanwhile over at Winds of Change some interesting stuff about the Left-sided blogs and how they responded to the Moran antisemitic speech

Below is a list of liberal bloggers; taken from my 'interesting liberal' list at Armed Liberal. There are 34 of them. 5 6 are hyperlinked. These 5 6 are the only ones who gave any coverage to Jim Moran's anti-Semitic comments. Ted Barlow and Kevin Raybauld took stands that he should step down; CalPundit looks on in bemusement, Matthew Yglesias comments on the politics of it, and Mac Thomason points out that the Right is really more anti-Semitic than the Left.

Look, this is just weak. I'm not Jewish; my brief for Israel is the fact that it is a country that (relatively) promotes values that I can support. But for a political figure at the national level - which a Member of Congress is - to make this kind of comment is pathetic, and his lame-ass 'apology', which parses down to 'I didn't mean what I said' is no better than Lott's 'some of my best friends are...' excuses.

And more that that, this is the guy who took out a half-million dollar loan from MBNA shortly before he co-sponsored a bill that sold out working men and women in favor of the big banks.

The Left stood up together and demanded that the Republicans sort this out. We can't ask less from the Democrats. This guy needs to do some serious atonement; better still he needs to be gone from public life.

[Update: check out the comments, and go over to Eugene Volokh's for this great quote:

An acquaintance of mine who is a solid liberal Democrat, and who knows what he/she is talking about, writes me:

Jim Moran's been saying this kind of stuff for years. The people at my synagogue have been ahgast for a long time. Some of them even supported (egads!) the Republican against him last election (these are pretty liberal Jews, so that's a big deal). There's been a move afoot for awhile to get a Democratic challenger to him, which makes much more sense because it's a very Democratic district. My rabbi, Jack Moline, has called on Moran to resign. Moran is also horrible on consumer issues (esp. bankruptcy legislation), has tangled with ethical issues around money and politics and is a notorious womanizer. Funny how the major press reported the apology but there was no story when he originally made the remark more than a week ago.

Folks, we on the left have an obligation not to sit still for this nonsense. Many of the anti-Semites in the Democratic Party get a free ride on the issue because they are black, and the cost of taking on that fight is huge. Here's a low-hanging fruit, and I'm going to kick and scream on this for a while.

Atrios, Josh Marshall, Max Sawicky, Nathan Newman...where are you guys on this one?]

[Update 2:My bad, somehow my high-tech Ctrl+F search process missed Atrios' post on Moran...Kevin pointed me to it...but which I would characterize, like Mac's as weak. The money quote: "...I also agree with Ted - cut the guy loose for all I care." You ought to...]