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March 10, 2003

Mel Gibson is more Catholic than the Pope

He is still beating the drum "the Jews killed Christ" in the name of "truth" and means no offense to the Jews.

Mindy Alter, a fan, fumes
"I’m a surfer not a blogger, so I’m unfamiliar with the mechanics of sending you an article. I want someone in the blogosphere to comment on the article in the Sunday New York Times Magazine about Mel Gibson and his loopy father. It seems the Gibsons, pere et fils, are Traditionalists, members of an extreme right-wing Catholic sect that rejects the modern Vatican for being too “liberal”. Not only that, they think the “modernizing” aspects of the Second Vatican Council that did away with Latin liturgy and things like eating fish on Fridays are positively evil. But that’s not what made me so apoplectic. Hutton Gibson, Mel’s 84-year-old father who lives in Houston, is a raving loony Jewish conspiracy nut/Holocaust denier whose views were given ample airing in the article. The Jews? Responsible for 9-11 (the planes were exploded by remote control? The Holocaust? Numbers vastly inflated. As Hutton’s equally loony wife pipes up, “everyone knows there weren't that number of Jews in Europe.’

As for Mel, he’s currently footing the bill to the tune of $25 million for a flick of Christ’s last days called “The Passion’. It will depict in gruesome and graphic detail the horrific death of God. And who’s to blame for His death? Why, the Jews, of course. The Jewish authorities handed over J.C. to the Romans, and are thus responsible for his crucifixion. According to Mel, his intention is not to upset Jews, merely to “tell the truth”. Never mind that this particular “truth” laid the groundwork for all the Jew-hatred in history and culminated in the Holocaust, the one Mel’s father is convinced never happened.

Undoubtedly, Mel is committing career-suicide with this movie. And when it tanks, I’m sure he’ll attribute its failure to a Jewish conspiracy. (Aren’t we always responsible?)

Mindy I couldn't have said it better but wanted to add a personal note.

A few years ago I wrote a 25 page paper entitled the "The Historical Jesus" based on years or reading on the subject. My primary reference was "James, the Brother of Jesus " by Robert Eisenman. This paper tells a fascinating story of Jewish resistance from biblical times to the Common Era and positions Jesus as part of the national resistance that wanted to overthrow the Romans. Jesus suffered the fate of all rebels at the hands of the Romans, namely crucifixion. He was one of thousands of Jews the Romans killed in this way.

I even wrote to Steven Spielberg, suggesting he do an epic entitled "The Greatest Story Never Told". They advised that before discussing it, I had to secure the rights to Eisenman's book. I failed to follow through.

For any reader who would like to receive a copy of my paper, just email me at .