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March 14, 2003

A Letter to My President

Dear President Bush

I thank you for your strong and courageous leadership of the American people in this time of crisis.

I heard about your speech praising the arab terrorists within Israel for pretending to "reform" and demanding Israel to listen to the Arab terrorists demands and concede their lives and security to them.

Do NOT use Israel as a pawn or carrot to the world in my name and please stop sending my taxed moneys to support Arab terrorism within Israel's territorial integrity.

In regards to working towards mideast peace forcing Israel to concede to the demands of the most senior Arab terrorists attacking from within Israel with US western tax dollars offends me as an American.

I think you need a new perspective, less Mr. Powell and the UN debating club. How about switching the onus from tiny democratic Israel to the 22 Arab states?

Options for the terminal arabs "refugees" within Israeli borders who publicly run, with worldwide support, the oldest, most legitimized group of terrorists in world history:

Options include:

An Israeli style reservation or commonwealth like the American Indians or American commonwealths like Puerto Rico etc...

Their Arab 'brothers' absorb them into their existing 21 Arabs states which dwarf Israel in size.
Large deportations of the terrorists groups and supporters within Israel's borders popularly known as "population transfer."

Before a 22nd Arab-run terrorists state is created within Israel's borders the world including all other 21 Arabs states must recognize Israel's right to exist.

Can a 22nd Arab state run by the world's senior and premier terrorists exist within Israel before Israel is allowed to exist?

At this point due to worldwide support of Arab terrorists within Israel's borders there are many well known and publicly established long-term terrorist groups within Israel's borders financed by western taxpayers and run by senior Arab terrorists.

These are the scumbags Israel is being forced to concede to their murderous demands by the western world.

First off, Israel and no one for that matter has any right to give up one inch of Gods land to the Arab terrorists for any reason and under any condition.

Secondly, no one including these Arab terrorists have accepted the right of Israel to exists so why would Israel accept the right for them to create a state within Israel's borders it makes no sense.

Just as the Arabs use the 'palestinians' as pawns so too does the West use Israel as a pawn.

Any terrorists demands that America forces Israel to concede to will be a travesty on many grounds.

There is no need to create a 22nd Arab terrorist run state within Israel's territorial integrity before Israel is allowed to exists unless you are a arab terrorist or a supporter of Arab terrorism.

President Bush, please stop using Israel as a pawn and a carrot to the world.

Thank You


Michael Glazer
Michigan, USA