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March 27, 2003

Letter to an Australian Labor party politician

The backbencher addressed in my letter is from the Australian opposition party (thank G-D). ((spelled correctly above)). She is quoted as saying that the late unlamented Corrie should receive the Nobel Peace prize. This is not her first foray into matters about which she knows nothing. She IS in an electorate where there are a lot of "people of Middle Eastern appearance" to use a catchy term used by our police or on the local news. The photograph sent to her was that from
Dear Ms. Irwin

I see that you believe Ms. Corrie, killed by an Israeli military bulldozer, should receive the Nobel prize for peace.

The photograph above shows the real Rachel Corrie. Do please note her hate-filled face and the adoring Palestinians looking on as she burns her nation's flag.

She died defending members of the same "civilisation" that destroyed ABC cameraman Paul Moran and injured reporter Eric Campbell. You will of course note that the method of the murder was identical to that routinely employed by the "people" Rachel Corrie was defending.

70%+ Palestinians support Suicide mass murder, including their brethren in this country. The Arab Muslim leaders in the Middle East are publicly calling for more attacks similar to that on the journalists to attack OUR forces as well as those of the USA and Britain.

Ms. Irwin, If you support terror, you are equally guilty of it. Terrorists use their own civilians as cover for their inhuman murder. So, yes, Israel may be destroying structures and homes of those not directly shooting at them or bombing them. However, those structures would almost certainly be hindering effective military response to these inhuman beasts.

Corrie, put herself in harms way voluntarily and FAR worse, placed Israeli servicemen's life at risk by her actions which were entirely irresponsible. To protest properly, she should have joined a USA based neo -Nazi group, which is where her sympathies actually lay.

Anti-Semitism in any form is despicable, and it would seem, from this and previous utterances of yours, that you may be heading that way. I sincerely trust that you will consider your actions, and not merely go out and try to grab the Arab vote by this and your previous utterances. Anti-Semitic attacks in this country are increasing, and as an elected member of parliament in a secular democratic country, your DUTY is to avoid making the problem worse, and you should, in fact be doing everything possible to prevent it.

I am afraid that "humanitarian" activity demands that those you are being active in support of, are "human". I don't think that suicide for ideological reasons is a "human" reaction. Further, deliberate mass murder is far from a normal "human" reaction. When the two are combined, I think that you put yourself outside the Species normally regarded as "Homo Sapiens". I suppose that in the circumstances a new species has evolved - "Homo Terrorist". Like any deadly plague, they need to be treated like any infestation likely to destroy human life as we know it.

No, I don't mourn Ms. Corrie. She should have stayed home, and burnt her flags in her own country instead of supporting vermin. She would be alive today.