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March 17, 2003

Israeli special forces join 'secret front' in Jordan

I think Debka may have actually reported this a while ago, and now it appears that these earlier reports were right. From today's (March 17, 2003) Times Online:

AS HUNDREDS of thousands of men and machines mass in Kuwait, a highly secretive military build-up is also under way on President Saddam Hussein’s western flank. Special forces from the United States and Britain have begun to conduct long-range reconnaissance missions from their bases along the 113-mile border between Iraq and Jordan, military sources have told The Times. Remarkably, Israeli forces are also said to be involved....

Scattered among the Americans are an estimated 100 British special forces troops, some of whom are thought to be from the Royal Marines’ Special Boat Service (SBS), the Marines’ equivalent of the SAS. Intriguingly, members of Sayeret Matkal, Israel’s commando force, are also said by Western military experts to have carried out covert reconnaissance operations inside the Western Iraqi desert. They are thought to be pre-empting a repeat of the first Gulf War when Saddam fired 39 Scuds at Israel. [full article]