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March 25, 2003

Israel shares data

Washington Times piece indicates cooperation between Israel and the U.S. to prevent terror attacks
Israel is sharing data with the United States in its efforts to prevent attacks on airliners from terrorists with shoulder-fired missiles, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon told Congress.
Mr. Ayalon, in closed testimony last week before the House Transportation subcommittee on aviation, said Israel and the United States opened a "cooperative dialogue" over the last few months to explain what Israeli has done to combat surface-to-air missile attacks.
"The Israeli defense establishment, together with Israeli companies, is coordinating efforts to create and manufacture an effective system of defense for our civilian airplanes," he said in remarks released by the Israeli Embassy.
Mr. Ayalon said Israeli officials have met with officials at the White House, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Transportation Safety Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.
The ambassador noted that an Israeli airliner narrowly averted an attack in November when a terrorist fired a surface-to-air missile at the plane shortly after takeoff from Mombasa, Kenya.
"We cannot allow ourselves to be vulnerable against another attack of this sort," he said.
Mr. Ayalon said the shoulder-fired missiles present a new threat to civilian aviation.
"No longer is the terror that Israel faces merely a regional issue. We stand at the front lines facing a global danger," he said.
"Terrorists do not cease in their attempts to develop new tactics of murder and destruction. We, the free and democratic nations of the world, cannot allow them to succeed[more]