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March 26, 2003

Israel, the Pariah state

Now I ask you,

- When the Kuwaites hate Israelis more than they hate the Palestinians and won't even let a reporter Carolyn Glick receive accreditation to send articles to Israel
- When the Iraqi Foreign Minister refused to take questions from an Israeli reporter when in Italy,
- When the US refuses to name Israel as part of the coalition of the willing when members of the coalition are as scarce as hen's teeth
- If the US when desparate to find an alternate path to Iraq to replace the Turkey path, still refuses to travel over Israel and would rather go to the end of the world to avoid it
- When Iran threatens to nuke Israel
- When Arab governments refuse to use the name Israel or show it on a map and walk out of any meeting where Israelis are present
- When the most powerful nation in the world finds it easier to unilaterally attack Iraq with most of the world against it than to openly embrace Israel as friend and ally fearing the repercussions of the latter more than the former.
- When the US goes to war to effect regime change in Iraq but is unwilling to allow Israel the right to do the same to a similar regime in the territories
- When the US is afraid to name radical Islam as its enemy or to insist that the Palestinians eradicate terror before negotiations start.
- When the US has always stated that peace in the territories must be negotiated and not imposed, then decides that they have to pacify the world by imposing a solution on Israel
- When the US undermines a democratic ally in favour of a terrorist regime in the territories.
- When the State Department doesn't list Saudi Arabia as religiously intolerant
- When the State Department obscures the reality of Palestinian terror
(The list is endless.)

What hope is there for Israel.

Only when the US embraces Israel in public and won't accept other countries that descrimnate against Israel and insists that Israel be treated with respect as is normal in the diplomatic world and makes it clear that the Arabs must accept Israel in their midst, will there be hope for Israel.