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March 22, 2003

by David Parsons (International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem)

" feisty British parliamentarians weighed the use of force to disarm the rogue Iraqi regime, Blair joined speaker after speaker in suggesting that Israel should be next in line.

Indeed, Blair insisted that he does not believe there is "any other issue with the same power to re-unite the world community than progress on the issues of Israel and Palestine." In other words, the quickest way to mend the huge rifts that have developed worldwide over the Iraqi threat is to impose on Israel the "roadmap" to Palestinian statehood.

Even in resigning from the cabinet over Blair's policy on Iraq, House leader Robin Cook found common ground with him on Israel, [erroneously] accusing the Jewish state of defying UN Security Council resolutions far longer than Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Incredibly, Israel was repeatedly presented as a scapegoat for the region's ills, and a sacrifice that will re-unite the world."

Someone wrote recently that Blair's help to the US is going to cost Israel more than she can afford. This piece , coming from a pro-Israel Christian organisation, is an important reading in this context.