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March 26, 2003

Islam is a weapon of mass-murder

.. that we cannot pretend is not a clear and present danger in it of itself.

Second Serviceman Dies From Grenade Attack

Sgt. Asan Akbar is in custody in the attack. He was shipped to a military jail in Germany on Tuesday after a judge found probable cause to try him for the crime. Akbar, an American Muslim who told family members he was wary of going to war in Iraq, has not been charged.

"My son died to allow the guy who killed him to believe what he believed," his father, Richard Stone of Riggins, Idaho, told television station KIVI.

Eugene Fidell, a Washington lawyer and founder of the National Institute of Military Justice, said the crime could warrant the death penalty, which is rare in the military.

There are six people on the military's death row, but there have been no military executions since 1961.