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March 02, 2003

Is it the Vatican or the Catholics in general?

I think this is the wrong question. The right question should be: is it American or European Catholics? Or, better: is it American or European, (or, for that matter, Arab) Christians? In case you don't know, I am talking about the Pope's and some French Cardinal's siding with the Arabs against Israel, and now also against the US. No, I am not talking about their antisemitism, are you nuts? They are not antisemites, and besides, it is all the Jews' fault anyway.

This is just another case where the discussion of religion obstructs the obvious, and that is the fact that it has nothing to do with religion. That Polish-Italian guy (well, yeah, you have a problem with that? You have African-Americans, don't you?) just happens to be a Pope, and that French guy just happens to be a Cardinal. So what. Like I said before: it's the culture, stupid.