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March 24, 2003

Iraq/WMD/Syria and Iran

Michael Ledeen worries what kind of threat Syria and Iran pose post Saddam.
EVEN as the second battle in the war against the terror masters moves rapidly ahead, information mounts daily about the intimate and lethal relationships between Baghdad, Damascus and Tehran.

The latest story was reported Wednesday on the front page of my favorite Italian newspaper, il Foglio, published in Milan. According to this account, Saddam decided two months ago to secure some of his most dangerous technologies, along with some of his most skilled scientists.

To that end, Iraq and Syria signed a joint agreement on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in Damascus on Jan. 17. As a sign of good will, Saddam sent Bashar Assad some samples: three CDs with mathematical formulae dealing with nuclear explosions; three test tubes loaded with anthrax and botulinum spores, and detailed analyses of tests carried out with these poisons on human subjects in Iraqi prisons.

The secret agreement provided for the transfer of Iraqi scientists and technicians to Syria, so that, along with the technology, crucial know-how would be preserved for the ongoing jihad against Israel and the United States. Three microbiologists and a small group of technicians, along with their families, entered Syria in the second half of February, and a top nuclear physicist and members of his team sneaked across the border early in March.

In addition, much of Saddam's supply of weapons of mass destruction was moved to Syria for hiding and safekeeping over the past few months, both to evade detection and to create a murderous legacy for the Iraqi dictator. According to other sources, Saddam has agreed to "be disappeared" into Syria, as Osama bin Laden vanished into Iran in the first days of the Afghanistan campaign. MORE