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March 30, 2003

Iraq and suicide bombers

This brief piece from StrategyPage

March 29, 2003: Iraq admitted that the suicide bombing in southern Iraq was deliberate. Iraq has long paid large cash awards to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers and in the past week, Palestinian terrorist organizations have urged Saddam to use suicide bombings against the invaders. During the 1980s war with Iran, Saddam spent billions of dollars in payments to the families of men killed in the war, This was done to maintain the good will of the population in a very unpopular war (Saddam had invaded Iran in the first place.) In Arab terms, it's not a bad deal for a son with poor prospects (unemployed or inept) to "do something for the family" by getting killed in return for a large sum of cash. This sort of thing has become very fashionable among young Moslems.