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March 20, 2003

Iranian Mullahs under attack

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI) is upset that the Mullahs have cut a deal with Old Europe whereby the Iranians get exploited. No doubt this is in return for Old Europe helping Iran to develope atomic capabilities.
SMCCDI condemns, as well, all anti-Iranian policies of this regime including the gradual assigning of the various operations and companies affiliated to the "National Iranian Oil Company" (NIOC) to the foreign companies (such as the Iranian Oil Tankers Company). Assignments of operations and companies, long term contracts with fixed prices lower than today's rates and "Buy back" policy in line with the other illegitimate economic policies of the Islamic republic which gives to European looters the control of the destiny of Iran and its generations to come. Without any doubt, any renovation of the Oil Industry must be done using the domestic and popular manpower and financial assets and taxes, such as, how our "National Railroad System" was constructed during the reign of Reza Shah. Only the adoption of such National policy will Maintain our "National control" over these vital resources.
If you are no aware, this is a powerful grass roots organization that has attacked the Mullahs on many things including their support of terrorism and the Palestinians. They are for separation of Mosque and State. They are against the reformers because they don't stand up to the Mullahs. They are the hope for Iran.