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March 13, 2003

Intel's Haifa Team Builds a Groundbreaking Processor for Wireless Technology

Intel officially launched Centrino, a group of chips
designed by the
company's Haifa facility team made specifically for
wireless computing on
Wednesday, GLOBES reported. The chipmaker launched
Centrino at an event
at Manhattan's Hammerstein Ballroom, in what was part
of a $300 million
promotional campaign for Centrino, which is being
aggressively marketed
around the world, including the U.S., UK, France,
Germany, Australia
and South Korea. David Perlmutter, Vice President of
Intel's Mobile
Platform Group, told Globes that one of the most
important advantages of the
Centrino processor, when compared with the performance
of its
competitors, is its low electricity consumption and
ease of wireless access. The
Centrino processor will enable the development of
thinner, faster and
lighter mobile computers.
Intel, the world's largest chip maker, has been
operating in Israel
since 1974, and has 5,200 employees at its four main
development centers
in Jerusalem, Haifa, Kiryat Gat and Petah Tikva. "All
of the Centrino
mobile technology and all the products, not just the
chip, were developed
in Israel," Intel's Israel spokesman Koby Bahar, said.
During the
chips' development, utter secrecy was maintained. The
code name for the
project was "Banias", the name of a tributary to the
Jordan River.