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March 26, 2003

In Favor of the War, and Enjoying a Good Fight

The New York Times(reg reqd) has the story of Morton A. Klein, President of Zionist Organization of America. He is very pro-war against Iraq, and a Jew who proudly announces his stand publicly
[...] his new role becomes more interesting when one realizes that Mr. Klein has emerged as one of the few people to take a lead in organizing public displays of pro-war sentiment in New York City, where some of the nation's largest antiwar demonstrations have been held. He is also one of the few Jewish leaders to take a prominent public stand on the war.

In an interview at his office near Herald Square, where he commutes three days a week from his home in a Philadelphia suburb, Mr. Klein sees nothing out of the ordinary.

"We are focused on issues relating to the Middle East," he said. "We have become very knowledgeable about the Arab world, the Arab war on Israel and terrorism. We are patriotic American citizens who believe this is a just and valid war." ...While criticizing others for comparing the plight of Palestinians in Israel with that of the Jews in Nazi Germany, Mr. Klein does not shrink from using the Nazi analogy himself. He said "militant Islamic terrorism is the greatest threat to a peaceful and free world since the Nazis," but quickly conceded that the Soviet Union could compete. He also said Arab culture promoted hatred and violence toward Jews in the same way that Nazi culture did.[more]