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March 07, 2003

Identification with the aggressor?

"George Orwell made a comment that in the 1930s everybody he knew--including his Jewish friends--were anti-Semites... What is it about the Jewish people that produces such a huge number of self-haters"(?) Permutter wonders in the opening of his letter which reproduces an article dealing with the movie The Pianist.

In fact, two interesting presentations of this film appeared in the very publication he refers to, and both approach their subject from basically the same angle. Must be the moment for this question.The earlier one is by Cheryl Kupfer.The one this mailing borrowed is by Louis Rene beres and it can be read in the March 3 issue of The Jewish Press.

"Certainly", Perlmutter writes, "I talk to a lot of Jewish humanities and social science academics who are well classified by Lenin's term "useful idiots,"that is, for the enemies of America and of Judeo-Christian civilization. (My friend Victor Sharpe infiltrated a Muslim Palestinian group and this was also the term they used for both Christians and Jews who supported their"struggle.")."

"So most Jewish academics are caught in the "liberal humanitarian" trap that does not allow them to see evil for what it is, and thus end up serving or slobbering up to that evil. In contrast, the Jewish medical doctors, lawyers and engineers I correspond with are brilliant observers and realistic analysts of current events!"

"In short, no people in history have worked so hard against their own self-interest. I think this proves the Nazi/Saudi "Jewish conquest conspiracy" theory wrong, but it's a hollow triumph indeed!""

This is how Perlmutter finishes his presentation of Beres' The Pianist. A burning subject, without a doubt.