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March 16, 2003

Human Shield To Depart To Israel against Iraq

Yes, you read that right: ONE HUNDRED American College Students Depart TO SUPPORT ISRAEL IN WAKE OF IRAQ CONFLICT "Operation Torah Shield" Intended To Show Support With Israel and Lack of Fear of Saddam Hussein. Unlike the other so-called "human shields" these students are planning on supporting Israel and helping her out.

"Operation Torah Shield", a group of one hundred American students from Yeshiva University and Stern College will be departing to Israel for one week on Sunday, March 16, 2003.

The group will be staying one week to study in Jewish yeshivas and seminaries, work on volunteer assignments with the Israeli army, and volunteer in hospitals.

On the eve of the Iraqi War, these students are going to Israel to show a lack of fear of Saddam Hussein's continued threats against the Jewish State, and to show support with the State of Israel. Despite the imminent conflict, these students will be traveling to Israel, as a similar group did during the previous Iraq War.

"As President Bush and many other world leaders have stated, 'We can't let the terrorists win, and we are visiting Israel during these times to show support for the State of Israel. As the misguided "human shields" recently returned from Iraq, our mission is called "Operation Torah Shield", as we will learn the Jewish bible and spend time supporting the great democracy of the Middle East," said Yisrael Schachter, Vice President of Student Government at Yeshiva University. "We, the Jewish community of North America care for our brethren and we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them during these times." (article from IMRA)