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March 10, 2003

A frontal assault on "pacificism"

"Pop" Pacificism Is Not a Path to Peace by Ken Colburn

Colburn is right on when he describes what the "peace crowd" is and what it is not.
[...]The message delivered by anti-war protestors remains unclear and ambiguous. Are millions of people who marched carrying signs that read “No War” saying (like Germany) that under no conditions should anyone go to war against Iraq? What happens if Iraq will not disarm even after it has been given ample notice and opportunity to do so? Would protestors then agree that war is necessary? If not then, when? If not at all, why not—because they are pacifists?

Anti-war protestors must face up to the sobering fact that their actions have strengthened Saddam’s position and helped to bolster his brutal regime by providing him with a colossal public relations coup. As reported on February 16, “Iraq was gloating Sunday over the global outpouring of opposition to a possible U.S.-led war against the country, saying that rallies by millions of people signaled an Iraqi victory and the ‘defeat and isolation of America’.” Anti-war protests have thus encouraged Saddam to believe that he may continue to evade and to defy the United Nations because there is no political will to use military force if necessary to disarm him.

Just imagine how wonderfully useful it would have been to the people of Iraq and to the United Nations’ effort to disarm Iraq (and thus the anti-war protestors’ goal of peace) if the anti-war folks had put pressure on Saddam with signs like “Iraq: Disarm Now!” and “Free the Iraqi People!” In the absence of such pressure, the Iraqi people, who know full well the cruelty of Saddam and have been its victims, must think about the anti-war protestors: with friends like you, who needs enemies? MORE
Read on. It gets better and better.