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March 10, 2003

From Transfer to Deportation to Absorption; A Friendlier Face on an Old Solution

Most people know about the Kahane call for Transfer as a humane solution to the seemingly infinite status of the arabs within Israel's territorial borders after the 1967 war as 'refugees.' Some siding with Kahane began calling his solution 'Deportation' as a way to associate dully deserved punishment for their continued war against Israel as is done in most wars when enemies are living within your territory you deport enemies that you can apprehend and you do not want to arrest and punish. This is basic common sense that is practiced in all western countries to this day. Any negative connotation was now removed from the original label with the same goals. The remaining problem was the populous you wanted to remove that may not have a direct connection with enemy combatants within the same areas. An easy case can be made in wartime to associate the two but Israel is a very heavily left-wing country and has and would be very hesitant to do so like most other stronger countries.

What we now have is a much broader yet all-encompassing term that can befitted to all Arabs within Israel's territorial borders that are still deemed as 'refugees'; Absorption.

The call for Absorption changes the equation and passes the responsibility of the long-lived refugee status of these Arabs to the 22 arab countries which have much more land than Israel and a common ethnic status with these 'refugees' who are waging war against Israel from within Israel for the longest time one has ever seen in historical perspectives. This must not be allowed to go on especially with any sort of reward let a one forming another Arab country within Israel's territory is ridiculous considering the size of Israel in comparison to the existing sizes of the 22 Arab states, the fact that this would reward the terrorists directly during the world's "war against terror," and the fact that a 2nd 'palestinian' or 23rd Arab state within Israel is physically ludicrous and highly insecure . There is no reason why the 22 Arab states cannot absorb these terminal 'refugees' once and for all to end this ongoing war finally. The fact that the Arab states haven't absorbed these Arabs tell us more about their beliefs in the existence of the state of Israel.

Putting the question to the Arabs is what Israel must do.

The 22 Arab states must absorb these refugees and this responsibility must lie solely on their 'brother's shoulders. The terminology and direction of the discourse must be removed from Israel and placed on their Arab 'brothers.'

Why don't the 22 Arab states absorb the Arab refugees within Israel's borders?

Why have the Arabs within Israel's borders been given permanent refugee status?

Why have the premier, well-organized, and western backed Arab terrorists groups that publicy operate within Israel's border been given the possibility of a reward of sovereignty which will then be used to escalate the arab's war against Israel in the hopes (by the western supporters of the PLO) that this will bring "peace", this appears to be a oxymoron?

Will creating a 23rd Arab state within Israel's borders run by the premier Arab terrorists bring peace and an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict? If by peace you mean pieces of Jews or an end to Israel, then maybe.

Why don't their Arab"brother's" take these 'refugees' into their states; they have vastly more land than Israel does?

The onus must be moved from Israel to the Arab states to form a solution outside of Israeli land and we must publicly demand of them to do this.

The Arabs still do not believe in the existence of the state of Israel!

How can we reward Arab terrorists with territorial sovereignty within Israel's borders when the Arabs still have not even accepted the right of Israel to exist?

That simple most basic issue seems to now have been overshadowed by the hopes to pay Arab terrorist with Jews blood.

Does a 23rd Arab state get its right to exists within Israel before Israel itself does?

We cannot overlook the fact that Arabs still do no accept the right of Israel to exist and rush to creating another Arab one to allow them to more easily destroy Israel from within Israel.

Whenever they call for a new state we must remind them of a basic principle that they must accept the right of Israel to exist.

Anyone accepting the right of Israel to exist would see that creating a 23rd Arab state within Israel would then be a contradiction. If you believe Israel should exists how then can you want to create a terrorist Arab state within Israel? It is now clear those who call for a arab state run by terrorists within Israel do not believe Israel exists and want whatever is currently there to be destroyed with help from a 23rd Arab country that much closer to Israel's heart. The other 22 Arab states are just not close enough but a 23rd one within Israel might be close enough to help the Arabs destroy Israel that they still deny even exists.

The people of Israel do exist and the creation of a 23rd Arab state run by the premier Arab terrorists within Israel only says you do not believe Israel exists and or you want to destroy whatever and whomever is there.