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March 10, 2003

The French again

Give the French to Canada
Arlene Peck
13 January 2003

It's a good thing that I'm a columnist instead of a reporter. Then I don't
have to be politically correct. I'm allowed to give my opinion of the
subject that I write about.

Folks, when it comes to the French, my opinion of them is pretty low. The
shame of it all is that the country is so sexy and gorgeous. Maybe someone
could arrange to have an influx of the Canadians take over. They're nice
people. I don't think that I've ever met a Canadian I didn't like. But the
French, they don't even like each other.

A few years ago, I remember being in the most elegant restaurant in
probably all of Europe, Maxims. I had been invited as a journalist by the
management and was having dinner with the head of the establishment. At one
point, I took note of the hovering waiters pouring expensive wines and
asked, "How much would this dinner cost in 'real' money?" A manager
answered me, "Oh, about $600.00." For dinner! I looked around and wondered
who could afford that kind of dinner and noticed a few Arab patrons in the
restaurant. However, it was far from full. He then smiled and said, "When
you go home, tell your fellow Americans that we want them to come. We need
the tourists here." Later, he related that since the Gulf War, when his
country, France, supported Saddam Hussein and refused air space to the
United States, our countrymen, (and women) were staying away in droves. In
vain, he tried to convince me that they had learned their lesson and had
changed. Yeah, right!

Actually, today, I almost have to smile when I see how they've pandered to
and embraced the Arabs so much that they are slowly taking over the
country. I truly believe that within ten years the French culture will be
taken over by mosques and Middle Eastern restaurants at every corner. I
wonder how long it will be before the French women will be wearing burqas.
Not such an impossible thought when you consider the increasing Islamic
influence in French society, and a result of Islam's thirst for world

Not a day goes by that I don't read a headline stating that a rabbi's car
was set on fire, or that yeshiva children have been beaten on the way to
school. Some are so blatantly anti-Semitic that I can only shake my head in
wonderment at their rabid comments. The latest is how the French are now
refusing to recognize wedding ceremonies, including those performed in
pre-1967 Israel, where the presiding rabbi just happens to be a resident of
Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The French Consulate in Jerusalem has refused
certificates of marriage to those French who want to marry an Israeli. A
French woman who had converted recently had her marriage turned down for
recognition by the Consulate and was told that the French Government does
not recognize it because the marriage certificate bared the signature and
heading of a rabbi from Gush Etzion, which they believe to be 'occupied
territory.' I wonder if it would have been okay for them had the wedding
party worn yellow stars during the cer! emony? How ludicrous that it should
matter where the rabbi who oversaw the ceremony lives. Maybe if the bride
wore a burqa, the French Consulate might have been satisfied. Funny, does
it bother them to recognize marriages performed by Syrian imams in
'occupied Lebanon? Or, how about Moroccan imams or tribal witchdoctors in
'occupied Sahara'? Iraqi imams are going strong in 'occupied Kurdistan.'
And what about all those French priests from occupied Euskadi (homeland of
the Basques)? Ah, but the rabbis are Jewish and we know how the French feel
about that "sh***y little country," as described by the French Ambassador
to England.

Lately, the renowned French University of Paris has decided to stop all
collaboration with Israeli universities and has requested the European
Union to do the same. Does anyone see anything reminiscent of the
pre-Holocaust period, when the Jews were banned from the professional
sectors? How soon, if unchecked, will this ludicrous plan continue
throughout all of the French universities and into the European Union?
Recent articles show that with all of the anti-Semitism the Jews of Europe
are experiencing, those that live in France are leaving their country at
twice the rate of the other nations.

French bookstores have been saturated for many years with not only
anti-Semitic literature, but also anti-American treatises. I find it ironic
that according to them, Israel is the 'occupier' and America is hated for
being the 'aggressors.' Correct me if I'm wrong, but for the entire
twentieth century Europe was the birthplace of World War I, World War II,
communism, fascism, colonial oppression, and lots and lots of appeasement
of anybody who they just happened to be pandering to. Usually, they cater
to the Arabs and all that oil revenue.

Yet we also have power. They have to know that actions have repercussions.
We, as a people, have political, ethical and financial resources greater
than those of the Jew-haters who are now crawling out of the woodwork and
marching in the Palestinian marches.

I will never buy anything French again, ever! No more Evian, wines,
perfume, makeup or trips. Even French kisses don't appeal to me.

I've been invited to Italy by their tourism ministry. They have assured me
that there is no comparism between the two countries and Jewish visitors
are welcomed there and their citizens have no fear. I'll keep you posted. I
do know Italian men are the closest I've ever found to the Israeli ones. In
the interest of fair reporting, I'll do my research diligently.

That's the beauty of being a columnist. I just have to give my opinion.
Arlene Peck is an internationally syndicated columnist and television talk
show hostess. She can be reached at