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March 26, 2003

Free Iraq, Screw Israel

So as penance for liberating Iraq, the West will now create a Palestinian terrorist state. We free a people, the only free people of 22 arab countries and to apologize we punish the Jews. The Brits are really and truly full of crap on the Israel issue. The fact they link to two together demonstrates and overbearing dislike of Israel. Perhaps they are still smarting from the creation of the State of Israel which was against their will and contrary to their efforts. Someone should really fisk these brit shit quotes.

My view - the correct view- is that the West's pandering to the arabs on the Israel issue has empowered the arabs into thinking that the west is self destructive (willing to destroy a western outpost, Israel) and therefore could be pushed around and treated petulantly.

2. The Coalition should drop food appropriately labelled food and water packs over Iraqi cities

3. One more piece of the war plan. We should knock out Iraq TV then put our own look alike up on the air with a fuzzy picture saying that his family has been killed, the regime is in ruins, etc., and that he has agreed to go into exile and has agreed to surrender so everyone should immediately put down their arms etc. Allah Akba, etc.