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March 15, 2003

Finlandization or Franco-Islamicized?

The reality is the problem

Ariel Natan Pasko writes in Arutz 7

[...]With upwards of 15 million Arabs and Muslims in Europe today, and 5-6 million of them in France alone - about 10% of the population - actively building mosques and missionizing Europeans, and with one eye focused on trade with the Arab-Islamic world, and another greedily eyeing the oil supply, France and others in Europe are succumbing to creeping Islamicization.

[...]Combined fear of terrorism at home, the consequences of war, and the fifth column of Islamists within, is leading France and others in Europe inextricably toward neutrality and Franco-Islamicization.

[...]The term ´War on Terror´ is an attempt to define the problem in the narrowest possible way, to ignore the cultural or religious implications of the issue. But until the equivalent of an Islamic Reformation takes place -and a dominant peaceful version of Islam emerges - ready to live with the rest of the world, discussion of democracy in the Arab-Islamic world will prove fruitless. Don´t forget that these Islamic radicals are generally supported financially and otherwise, in their communities, whether in Europe, America, or elsewhere. MORE