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March 02, 2003

Exposition of Capitalism - The Corrupted Creed [sic]

Further down this page, my post from The N.Y. Times indicates the difficulties we will face in trying to convince countries in the ME to give democracy a try. Forget for a moment the elities in Arab countries who have enriched themselves with oil money and at the expense of the ordinary person--that is an obvious hypocrisy we have long been aware of. Here is how a spokesmen for Islam casts contempt upon western capitalism, indicating of course that the much more benign Muslim run nation is to be preferred.
From this perspective, Capitalism has failed to bring unity or prosperity to humanity on the basis of benefit. By its very nature benefit and interest create division, conflict and disunity, exploitation of people and their lands. The capitalist economic system creates inequalities in wealth in which a few nations exploit other nations and dictate the policies of the world in order to secure their own benefit. Furthermore, within each nation a few elite control the policies of that nation and exploit the masses in order to maintain the status quo and secure their own interests. The foreign policy of the capitalist nations is established purely upon imperialistic motives, and the sole purpose of capitalist nations in forming a relationship with another nation is not for any ideological aim but to exploit other nations and people in order to secure their own worldly interests. Based on such a policy, the world suffers from conflicts sponsored by a few nations who fuel them in order to secure jobs and consolidate their grip on the world.

Because the capitalist nations revolve around benefit they consider the maximization of the interests of the people and the fulfilment of their desires as the driving force of any action and such a policy has led to the decaying societies that the capitalist nations are ailing from. Alcohol, rape, crime, domestic violence and other social ills are tearing the capitalist nations apart. Yet since drug counselling, rape counselling, and other businesses that thrive on these social problems collectively constitute a multibillion dollar industry, then the capitalist notion of benefit and interest maintains that such problems will remain to keep the industry of “crime prevention” alive. The woman has been reduced from an object of honour and dignity to an exhibit to be displayed on the strip bars, night clubs, cinema screens and magazines of the world in the name of profit or satisfying the sexual needs of the consumer (what the economists refer to as “maximizing the benefits of society”). In the name of benefit, the capitalists maintain the degraded status of women and indoctrinate this culture into the entire population. All of these facts illustrate that Capitalism has failed, and nothing else can be expected from a system whose creed and fundamental doctrine, secularism, is incorrect and invalid. [more]