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March 19, 2003

Dutch MP insults Prophet Muhammad

Rather odd is accusation that one ought not say certain things after one has become a politician! As though men of various religipons do not make comments upon all matters. This article an indication of the divisions comi;ng about as a result of terror attacks of 9/11
Making her "debut" on the parliamentary scene in the Netherlands, a Somali refugee, who arrived in the Netherlands ten years ago, chose to start her new political career with a showdown with the Muslim community by lashing out at Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

In an interview with the Dutch daily Trouw on Saturday, January 25, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 32, shocked as many as one million Muslims living in the Netherlands by branding Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with some abhorrent, repugnant descriptions, stirring up feelings of anger and antagonism towards her.

Having no inkling about Islam or Sharia (Islamic law) as it appears in her curriculum vitae, Ayaan said the Prophet (peace be upon him) was a "despotic, narrow-minded and violent" man, who killed whoever stood in his way.

She further alleged that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was against the freedom of women, since, she claimed, he ordered them not to leave their houses, wear the veil and denied them the right to work and inheritance, not to mention a number of other calumnies mouthed frequently by some orientalists.

Ayaan was catapulted into the limelight for her incessant verbal assault against Islam, making use of anti-Muslim feeling stirred by the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington.

The Dutch paper, however, designated on its Monday, January 27, issue space to publish Muslims‚ angry reactions against Ayaan's provocative statements. [more]