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March 17, 2003

Don't get lost on the 'road map'.

"The issue that has divided President Bush from his European critics is not whether there should be such a state, but how it should come into existence. Will it be imposed on Israel -- or negotiated from Israel? Will it offer Israel meaningful guarantees -- or more broken promises? Will it be born as part of a larger Arab-Israeli settlement -- or will other Arab states retain the right to wage their own private wars on Israel?

For the past two years, President Bush has been consistently and bravely correct on all these questions. He needs now only to stay the course a little longer -- through the liberation of Iraq -- and he will find himself in a vastly stronger position to make an Israeli-Palestinian peace his way rather than the European way. To surrender that position now, in exchange for a vote or two in favour of a Security Council resolution that France and Russia will veto anyway, hardly seems like a shrewd deal.

This Tony Blair: He's getting expensive."

Thus writes David Frum