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March 05, 2003

Does Islam teach dissembling? A sequel

Yesterday, I posted a note refering to an article by Steven Baker in Front Page. The title to that post was: Does Islam teach Dissembling?. Baker's article amassed evidence justifying raising such a question. In particular, the question seems justified when observing the public conduct of a number of known islamic organisations in the US. Today's Front Page has an article by John Perazzo, which can be considered a sequel to yesterday's post. While the hub of Baker's discussion was the Al Arian case, that of Perazzo's is the curious case of the nomination by New York's mayor to a high Human Rights position in the city of a gentelman Al Arian himself would be proud of. The question central to the sequel is no longer that of the teaching of Islam but of the help such teaching (of tactical dissembling) gets from people too distracted to heed its meaning.