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March 08, 2003

Does Bush “intend to pressure Israel”?

On March 6, my colleague Ted Belman posted an article entitled, Bush doesn't intend to pressure Israel on concessions . Ted’s post was based on an article run by Asia Times, and included this declaration about Bush’s recent speech at the AEI:

“This is a complete alignment of the president along the lines of Likud principles," according to Rashid Khalidi, an historian and Middle East specialist at the University of Chicago. "It's the most important shift in US policy since the 1967 war. It's really major."
In the first place, as one reads the Asia Times article, one finds its tenor to be no different from the tenor of an article published recently in the Washington Post, about which I commented in an IsraPundit post on February 9. To me, the tone of the Asia Times article is clearly of the “Jews control the universe” variety.

More significantly, however, the AEI speech has very little in it to comfort Israel’s supporters, notwithstanding those who try to lull us into complacency. The view of the Asia Times is more than counterbalanced by an article printed March 5, 2003, in the Jerusalem Post, and now available at Israel Insider. Under the heading, Beware, Pax Americana ahead , Michael Freund begins by analysing Bush’s speech at the AEI meeting, quoting the President:

"It is the commitment of our government and my personal commitment to implement the road map and to reach that goal."

Now, whatever one may think of Bush, there is no questioning the fact that he is a man of his word. Unlike many politicians, when he says something, he usually means it.

And that is what makes this latest speech so downright terrifying. For Bush went beyond the usual diplomatic jargon, using the phrase "personal commitment" to indicate that he is absolutely serious about bringing about the creation of Palestine.
The victory in Iraq will likely usher in a period of unprecedented American dominance in world affairs, akin only to the Pax Romana inaugurated by Augustus Caesar, Rome's first emperor, in the year 27 BCE.
The Arabs will be livid with rage, the Europeans will again feel slighted, and Russia will no doubt be irritated. The easiest way for Bush to patch up America's relations with the world, and bring down the price of oil, will be to impose a peace settlement on Israel and the Palestinians, bringing about an end to the century-old Middle East conflict.
Between Michael Freund and Asia Times, whose view do I subscribe to? Well, I’ve never met a pessimist I didn’t believe.

The conclusion is the same one I’ve been advocating for a very long time: supporters of Israel must mobilize to derail the impending calamity of the Roadmap to Israel’s destruction.

Contributed by Joseph Alexander Norland. This piece is cross-posted on IsraPundit and Dawson Speaks.