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March 05, 2003

Distracting lies muddy the ground before the missiles start flying

This Tony Horwitzarticle points out what it considers the major myths surrounding the anti-war reasons, reasons the US ought not attack Iraq. I skip many of the myths addressed, which you can read if you want, and cut to the "Israeli connection," another myth exposed.
[...]It's all about Israel (whose crimes compare to those of Iraq's).

This notion appeared on banners at anti-war rallies ("Torture, Murder, Ethnic Cleansing!!! Welcome to Israel"), but it more commonly thrives in the closet.

Typical was the outburst of a NSW state MP who became impatient when I lingered on Saddam's use of poison gas. "I'd never say it publicly because I'd be called anti-Semitic," the MP finally told me, "but Israel has used poison gas on Palestinians many times so what's the difference?"

There is no evidence of Israel having done this - none. Nor is the "Jewish lobby" in America pulling Bush's strings. While many prominent American hawks are Jewish, they were just as hawkish in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Mid-East peace will never come without a just resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and Sharon's Government is obstructing this, most notably with its unconscionable settlement policy.

But equating Israel's sins to those of Saddam is grotesque, particularly given the Ba'ath Party's pro-Nazi inception and the Iraqi regime's echo of the Third Reich: the gassing and machine-gunning of Kurds into mass graves, the genocidal assaults on entire religious groups ("No More Shiites After Today" was the sign on tanks suppressing the 1991 uprising), and biological weapons experiments carried out on political prisoners.

By all means, let's have a vigorous debate about the pros and cons of war in Iraq. But let's leave the Big Lies out of it.[more]