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March 07, 2003

A different strategy for dealing with the biased press

Since letters to the editor of many commercial news outlets writing biased pro-Muslim terrorist propaganda, such as CNN Europe, does not seem to be working, thinking laterally, the best place to hit them is what we here in Australia call "the hip pocket nerve".

Letters to their ADVERTISERS, informing them that while ever they continue to advertise with the particular entity, their products will be boycotted. Of course, a copy should go to the editor of the news outlet as well.

CNN-AOL Time-Warner is particularly vulnerable at this time. I re-iterate that the CNN coverage in North America comes out of Atlanta and is a very different animal to that which the rest of the world sees and which comes out of London. North American readers may therefore not realise just how bad and damaging this worldwide agency may be. As example, their latest coverage of the action in Jabaliya, where the terrorists blew themselves and a hundred others up, was covered entirely from the Pal side and blamed on a tank shell. There is. of course, no way that a single tank shell would cause that much damage. They simply do not pack sufficient explosive punch. Shades of Jenin all over again!