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March 06, 2003

The Dead Shall Be Raised

Here is a report via Goldwater's Mideast reality that refers back to the "killing" of the young Palestinian boy, a shooting that aroused and encouraged the anti-Israelis to babble on about Israeli murderers etc etc. Well it seems that the picture was staged!
Mohammed al-Dura may remain one of the symbols of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but not for the reasons believed by the Israel-bashers. Mohammed al-Dura is the little boy caught in a firefight begun by PLO stormtroopers in the Gaza Strip a couple of years back, "fortuitously" filmed by a camera crew. His photo then became an icon for the Israel-bashers, the child martyr murdered by the blood-thirsty Jews, a story right out of the Middle Ages. Never mind that assorted people and media brought evidence that - if anything - he was shot by the PLO.

Well, Mohammed al-Dura is back in the news. Risen from the dead in the Palestinian version of the New Testament? It seems that there are reports that Mohammed al-Dura was never killed, but it was all a PLO stage show: [more]