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March 07, 2003

College peace protest turns violent

O, Canada. World Net Daily posts this story. I am old enough to recall my time in the early days of the Korean War, sent there 5 months after the war started. And I recall being a part of the protests against Viet Nam. But in our college protests (Rutgers) we had teach-ins, gatherings for faculty to lecture us on what they believed in. Outside the building, protests by American Legion folks. But despite yells etc all remained civil and both sides of the issue got to say and hear what they wanted. Alas, not at York University.
[...] It was when the line passed a booth set up by the Young Zionist Partnership and the Canadian Alliance that a confrontation occurred. Students who ran the booth claim protesters shouted insults before charging them.

"Hundreds of people basically swarmed three people," said Paul Cooper, president of the Zionist group. He said only a few people were confrontational, but everyone else "watched and did nothing to stop it."

Duff said his group did not instigate the incident, saying it began with name-calling from the booth. "We attempted to keep moving. Our message was we shouldn't be distracted, but the goal of those people who set up the booth was to disrupt and distract us today."

Another Jewish student claims protesters singled him out because of his faith.

Said Yaakou Rath [sic. Typo: should be Roth], campus president of the Canadian Alliance: "They chose to attack me, and I'm identifiably Jewish, but they didn't attack Paul [Cooper], who's not, and that's scary."

He said the group also stole the booth's U.S. flag and tried to set it on fire. [more]