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March 13, 2003

Christian Fundamentalists and the "cause of peace"

"Christian fundamentalists' support in a hostile world may be welcome, but their contribution to the Middle East conflict is a negative one. They have already been mobilized by some Israelis to pressure President Bush into retracting his statement of last week calling for the eventual establishment of a Palestinian state once the war with Iraq has finished.

If Bush truly wants to advance the cause of peace in this region, it is incumbent upon him to break away from the Evangelicals' influence. Equally, our own politicians can thank them for their support of Israel, but they should refrain from cynically manipulating this support into an advocacy of right-wing policies that only make peace even more difficult to achieve."

This from the pen of an israeli prof. of geopolitics in today' s JPOST . Do you have an opinion on this newly heated up problemtic? And, by the way, did you hear this morning Rush Limbaugh stating his" theory" about preconditions for peace in the Middle East?