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March 31, 2003


I was the author of the anti suicide bombing petition to the Australian government. I now seek to put pressure on my goverment to implement the petition. I believe that it would be an excellent test of the UN post start of the Iraq war, so it does have major relevance to North America. I have written a pro forma letter which contains the salient facts. Please spread this around to your lists, and please act and write now. Please ask all who undertake to write to provide name and address, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, to change the wording and simply use the draft as a basis and for facts. They should try to keep it short. Please note that the letter as written has been used and sent by myself to the Minister. He IS very sympathetic to Israel, as is the Prime Minister, so politeness is the key. They should address
Dear Mr Downer (or minister Downer or The Hon. Minister Downer)

On 26th August 2002, Mr Peter King, member for Wentworth, tabled a petition requesting the Australian government to propose a motion in the United Nations calling for the practice of suicide bombing to be declared a crime against humanity. Since that time a similar petition has been tabled in the upper house as well.

The first suicide bombing of civilians in the Iraq conflict has now occurred and involved Australian nationals Paul Moran and Eric Campbell of the ABC. Furthermore, calls from other religious leaders in the Arab world have publicly called for further attacks of this most brutal and heinous kind. Now at least 5 USA servicemen have been destroyed in this inhuman and vicious fashion. Our troops are seriously at risk from similar attacks. Islamic leaders across the Middle East are openly calling on their followers to perpetrate these inhuman atrocities in the name of religion.

Jews have always been the "canary in the mine" and atrocities committed against them have inevitably spread to involve the whole world as in the second world war. We are seeing early evidence of this now in Iraq.

The time has come, particularly in light of the security council debacle leading up to this conflict to see whether that body really does have a place in the future or whether it should be replaced. Crunch time for the UN. The reaction of the Islamic states in particular is most urgent. If they do not unequivocally reject this most obscene of attack forms and depravity in those seeking to be ranked in the species homo Sapiens, then clearly, the UN has no further part to play in human affairs.

I am aware that Australia has signed the convention against terrorist bombing and that you felt that there was no need to act on my petition in light of this. That was when I wrote last year. The main purpose on this occasion, I believe is a LITMUS test of the UN. Clearly there would otherwise be little practcal value other than the moral satisfaction.

I urge the government now to bring on this debate in the UN as a matter of urgency. The USA and Britain could be consulted in advance and great publicity given the debate from all 3 quarters, making it clear what was expected of the UN and Islamic states in particular.

There is absolutely NO form of justification for this behaviour. NO provocation can justify it. The Mullahs MUST be silenced on the issue. Failure will mean an inter cultural conflict of staggering proportions, worse than both of the two world wars combined with even more devastating results.