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March 31, 2003

Bye, Bye Old Europe

Last November in an article entitled American Travel Plans, I warned
The EU support of the Arabs in general and the Palestinians in particular is no different from the USSR support, during the Cold War, of any and all groups and countries that would rise up against the US. As Bush has proclaimed, you cannot support the terrorists and not suffer their fate. Yet the EU continues to provide political and financial support to Arafat and the PA knowing full well that such support enables the use of terror against Israel. Germany is the biggest supplier of contraband to the Iraqis. France, Britain and Russia, to name a few, all trade with Iran and assist in its attempt to gain a nuclear capability with the means to deliver it. Syrian President Assad was invited to London to visit the Queen. The EU has not yet banned Hamas or Hezbollah. Make no mistake, the EU is playing the Palestinian card to gain influence in the Middle East at the expense of America. It is more of a threat to American interests now, than Russia or China.
Guy Milliere wrote a very important article for FrontPageMag entitled France is Not a Western Country Anymore which should be read in its entirety. Here's an extract,
If you want to understand why all this is happening, you have to understand one thing: thirty years ago, French governments started to have a new foreign policy. They called this new policy, "Arabian Policy." France became closer to Arab countries - all of them disgusting dictatorships. France "benefited" by doing business easily in these countries. In exchange, France had to push Europe to unknot its ties with Israel and the United States. In exchange too, "professors" came from the Arabian dictatorships to teach the Arabic language to the young Arabs living in France. The only book they used to teach the Arabic language was THE book, Al Kuran.

Now comes the time to pay the check: six million Muslims live in France, at least ten per cent of them are radical Islamists poised on the edge of violence. And these radical Muslims have allies on both the extreme Left and the extreme Right. France is not a Western country anymore, it is now the leader of the Arab/Muslim world. Israel has to know France is its main enemy. The United States has to understand they have nothing to expect from today's France except nastiness, treason, and cheating.
I just read, and I'm sorry I can't remember where, that the reason that Turkey voted against allowing the US to invade Iraq from Turkey is that France and Germany threatened Turkey with having to wait a generation before acceptance into the EU if they allowed the the US to do it. It that is not an hostile act by France and Germany, I don't know what is.