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March 01, 2003

Bush Selects Zionist U.S. General To Run Iraq

This Arab article --with the usual anti-Jewish and anti-Israel venom--suggests that Bush is to appoint a "tainted" ex-military man to help reconstruct Iraq after a war, and that there is a conflict of ethical interests. " Although a Pentagon official said Jay Garner's new role as head of the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance does not constitute a conflict of interest, ethics experts say the appointment raises troubling questions"--ethics experts being one man at Berkeley. Of some interest though, is the appended document that indicates an organization of Jewish military officers, here reported as being pro-Israel and perhaps at the expense of their native country, America. You read and make your own judgement
[...]While the S.F. Chronicle lauds this general turned "humantarian" the general's past roles as one of the key leaders of JINSA and longtime advocate of using the U.S. military to support Zionism has been removed from the JINSA site

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), a cabal [sic!] of Jewish American military officers who have long advocated putting Israel's security needs before those of the United States, has removed most all links to JINSA positions which may embarass the Bush administrations drive to appoint General Gardner as the U.S. installed dictator of "liberated" Iraq.

Despite the Zionist's attempt to put General Gardner's past down the memory hole, many Arab sources including Al-Quds al-Arabi and Washington Report on Middle East have revealed General Gardner's close ties to the Israeli Likud party. The established media should realize that they may purge and censor their news to constantly rewrite history, but the truth lives forever on the Internet. There are still many sources on what General Gardner actually believes such as this JINSA statement on Palestinian "violence." [more]