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March 15, 2003

Bloggers react to appointment of new PA minister Abu Mazen

Talking points writer Josh Marshall believes the appointment useful and perhaps helpful. Critics of the appointment, such as LGF state that Marshall is dead wrong.
[...]But the point isn't that Abbas is a good person, or has ugly beliefs. My issue is his role in the peace process over the last decade -- Abbas was one of the architects of the original Oslo Accords. In the Palestinian Authority I think there are various camps. There are those who really don't want a just peace with Israel, those who do, and others who aren't really particularly committed to either outcome. Unfortunately, I think Arafat is in that latter category. I think Arafat was open to the idea of peace and at various points truly pursued it. But for a variety of reasons both personal and political was unwilling or unable to actually make the deal.

I think Abbas is in that category of Palestinians who really do want a just peace. I think his role in the various negotiations over the last decade shows that. Now, I'm no expert on the peace process. But I know a bit about it. And that's my opinion. To me, that makes him "one of the good guys" in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even if he may have ugly beliefs and be an awful person.

(The proprietor of this website [Little Green Footballs] seems to say that I am a hypocrite for holding Trent Lott to one standard and Abbas to another. To this I would say, yes, I confess that I do hold the United States Senate Majority Leader to a rather higher standard than the capos of the Fatah faction of the PLO. But, you know, that's just me.)

Of course, many people in this country -- seemingly a lot of people on the web -- really don't believe in a two-state peace settlement; they think the whole Oslo Accord was just a con on the part of the Palestinians; and they prefer the stability and moral clarity of the on-going cycle of mutual death and destruction that has gripped the region for three years now. I guess we just disagree.

A rather odd way of justifying the arguement. If you are against the appointment it is because you DO NOT want a two-state settlement. Why not: I favor a two-state settlement BUT appointing a prime minister with questionable beliefs and little or no power is not the way to achieve this goal? And here is an extract from LGF
[...]And is Marshall unaware that this month Abu Mazen told anArabic newspaper he supports the continuation of the intifada and the murder of Jews in the disputed territories?

It would be nice if lefty bloggers like Marshall would apply one tenth of the effort they spend digging up dirt on Republican politicians to researching these so-called Palestinian “good guys.” This is a disgraceful comment. [more]