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March 12, 2003

Blaming the Jews

I read Buchanan's article cited below. Here are my thoughts. The real issue is, whether these policies that he complains of are good for America.

To accuse the Jews of dual loyalty is to suggest that these policies are bad for America. I think it is fair game to argue that one has a bias and that such bias hurts American interests. But you have to prove both the bias and the harm. Similarly the Jews accuse those who level such charge as being anti-Semetic.

That's very unfortunate because the debate is not about whether there is a bias one way or the other, but whether the policies they espouse are good or bad for the US. The issue should be decided on its merits and not on whether the Jews might have a bias. After all they can have a bias and their policies can be good for the US at the same time.

The anti-Semites like Buchanan have lost the policy debate so they are using the dual loyalty card to discredit the policies that are in ascendancy..

I might mention that there is a greater chance that those who argue against the security of Israel do so out of antisemetic motives rather than for pro American reasons than that those who argue for pro Israel policies do so due to a bias in favour of Israel rather than for pro American reasons.

I think one should focus on the convergence of interests between Israel and the US and therefore the convergence of policies, in defending against Buchanan and his ilk. It is Buchanan who should be attacked for using the "race card" (dual loyalty) rather than to focus on the issues.

It seems that WaPo agrees with me.