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March 18, 2003

Belman's Pot Shots

The US is so proud of Powell's doctrine of overwhelming force that they gave it a name of "shock and Awe" yet when Israel wanted to use a modicum of force, the US, to say nothing of the world, complained of Israel's use of "excessive force".

The US is adamant about requiring Hussein to go into exile, yet not only restrains Israel from exiling Arafat but violates its own stated requirement of new leaders not tainted with terror.

Abu Mazin is only the fair haired boy now, notwithstanding his past, because he has satisfied the US that he will work toward peace and compromise. Also he is not a nobody and that's important.

This war is not about democracy which won't come to the Middle East any time soon, but about defeating or dismantling or undermining regimes that support terror. Democracy will bring the radicals to power and therefore doesn't help in the war against terror. Democracy is not in America's interest.

Wahhabism must be defeated at home and abroad. For the war on terror to succeed, the swamps must be drained and this requires starving Wahhabism of funds and government support.

This war is not about oil, as most acknowledge, but they mean Iraqi oil. Insofar as the Islamists want the US out of the ME, it is about oil because the US can't afford to withdraw leaving all the ME oil to be taken over by

Forget about the Quartet, forget about the Road Map, forget about Arafat. The US is not about to make the EU partners in solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict after they made the UN impossible for the US. The US should demand that the EU withdraw support from Arafat as their penance.

The US will not be appeasing the Arabs including the Palestinians because there is no need to and it doesn't work. The Arabs cooperated in getting rid of Hussein and they will cooperate in getting rid of the forces of terror in the territories. They have no vested interest in the territories and certainly not in the welfare of the Palestinians. Why make an enemy of the US. They need to appease the US.

A Palestinian state is conditional on the end of terror. The terrorists must be vanquished and will be. Then the Palestinian state that comes into existence will be closer to Sharon's vision than Barak's offer. Almost all settlements and the land around them will be in Israel. The Jews need place for grow and the Palestinians have 22 countries for growth.

America is not going to squander the upper hand. They are going to use it to advantage.

Syria will fold and go the route of Egypt with less radicals. America will see to it that they abandon Hezbollah and Lebanon. Syria will prefer to go on the dole and get off the list of terror supporting states. If you can't fight 'em, join 'em. Within two years, Iraq, Syria , Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states will sign peace agreements with Israel and will agree to live in peace with Israel. Its called Pax Americana.